The Team


Christopher is our CEO.  He has 20+ years experience in early-stage pharmaceutical R&D and commercialisation in public listed and private VC-backed companies. Before joining MecRx he was founding CEO at Otifex Therapeutics, where in early 2017 he completed the sale of key assets to a NASDAQ-listed pharmaceutical company. Christopher was Research Director at ASX-listed Antisense Therapeutics Ltd from 2003 to 2010, and a technology founder of the company in the lead up to its IPO in 2001. He has a BSc(Hons), DM Myers University Medal, and PhD in Biochemistry, all from La Trobe University, and an MBA specialising in Technology Management.  He was a post-doctoral scientist and Humboldt Fellow at the German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), and in 2008 he was a recipient of the Advance BioBusiness Award for leadership in the Australian Life Sciences industry.




Richard Foitzik is Head of Medicinal Chemistry. Richard is responsible for the direction and implementation of MecRx’s therapeutic programs.




Jo Alcindor is a Founder of MecRx, Director and Chief Operations Officer. Jo is responsible for the management of MecRx's research programs and company operations.




Professor Ricky Johnstone is Assistant Director of Research at the Peter Maccallum Cancer centre and a co-founder of the Cancer Therapuetics Program within PeterMac. Professor Johnstone leads the cMyc biology progam at MecRx.




Paul Savage is Research Director of the Biomedical Manufacturing Program at CSIRO and MecRx board observer. His role in establishing the CSIRO/MecRx collaboration has been pivotal to the success of the Technology.



Chris Smith is an Investment Manager at Brandon Capital Partners and MecRx Director. Brandon Capital Partners make seed and venture capital investments for the development and international growth of Australian life science companies.